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Full Version: Google's Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC)
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Yet another one, you mean?

I just skimmed, but I take it this technology is supposed to be in all browsers, not only Chrome, if Google gets their way? wacko.gif

Remember: Don't be evil! 😁
I'm amazed this tracking is used in such a stupid way BTW. I go an buy, say, a pair of sneakers. The next few days, maybe a week, I see ads for the sneakers I already bought all over the web. Highly annoying and hardly to any use for anyone. Or of I just looked at them and decided they were crap and I should get something better - same thing.

I'm sure the technique is also used in clever, sneaky ways that aren't obvious to me, but the obvious ones aren't overly smart.
Christian J
I suspect all this tracking is mostly smoke and mirrors in order to impress the companies buying ads from Google. Because, all it takes for a company to reach its audience is to buy ads on web pages about that same subject (for example, if you sell dog food you can simply advertize on web pages about dogs). Google could handle that over a decade ago.

What more could you wish for? Finding the people that like both cats and dogs, so you can show them dog food ads on the cat web pages too? The increased reach seems minimal (keeping in mind most ads are never acted upon regardless of what they look like).
Don't forget guinea pig food. Sue Ellen needs feeding too! biggrin.gif

All I know is I've hardly seen an ad that has interested me in 10 years or more. Long ago one could see an ad about something one didn't know about before that one just might find interesting. Now I only see ads about things I already know about.

Then there are the totally random ads of course, but they are usually for obscure things.

Talking about that, where have the ads at the top of these pages gone? Well, the whole site really. The space for them are still there.
Remember how thrilled everyone was about Google when it emerged? How much better it was, how fast it indexed the web, how not evil? The stupidity of man... wacko.gif

Wonder how much they slurp up from our phones BTW...
Christian J
QUOTE(pandy @ Apr 9 2021, 12:47 AM) *

I take it this technology is supposed to be in all browsers, not only Chrome, if Google gets their way? wacko.gif

If that happened I guess trust in browser vendors and the web as a whole would take irrepairable damage. wacko.gif
But that must be the intention if it's supposed to replace tracking cookies.
Christian J
At least Google wants to put in its own Chrome browser, but why would other vendors want it? Maybe other vendors will be forced to add it so that the "Login with Google"-feature will keep working. I see no reason for more independent vendors like Pale Moon to allow it though.
For money maybe. Or it could be coupled with other features that they do want.
Christian J
"Nobody is flying to join Google’s FLoC"
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