I had a Sansa Clip that was all I wanted. But the built in battery was getting old so I bought a new Sansa Clip of a newer model with larger memory and battery. I have been miserable since. The only obvious way to sort files the way I want them is to create play lists. I don't want to do that. I download radio shows and prefix them with the date they were aired. I want to play them in order. I delete files I've listened to and load new ones. I don't want to mess with play lists every time I do this.

This blog post led me to understand that the problem is with the FAT file system and that mp3-players have maybe always been like this, but some have a feature that overcomes the problem. Sandisk stopped supporting that feature (in Swedish, use google translate if necessary).

The blog also explains it's easy peasy to fix from Linux. I don't have a Linux installation ATM. So I googled "fatsort for Windows". Which led me to this.


The files that installed are dated 2008, but the program works a treat! After years of misery, having to load the files one at the time to the player (figured out they are sorted after the time they are created) I'm happy again! biggrin.gif

Of course this also works for USB sticks and the like, so very useful.

#sort files on mp3-players and USB sticks by file name happy.gif