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Full Version: can't select a range for hr element with nth-of-type
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the 1st hr to the 3rd hr element should be red, but its not, can someone tell me why?


<!DOCTYPE html>
  background: red;
<hr />
<p>The first paragraph.</p>
<p>The second paragraph.</p>
<p>The third paragraph.</p>
<hr />
<hr />
<hr />
<p>The fourth paragraph.</p>


Christian J
They are red, but you can't see it unless you also give them some height.
Ignore... wacko.gif
AFAIU your syntax is correct. But it doesn't work. I tried with just a bunch of Ps to avoid HR complications. unsure.gif
Christian J
Works for me, in all my browsers. P also.
Jesus christ.... I hadn't closed my Ps. blush.gif

I think I spent half an hour on that. cool.gif
Christian J
But P end tags are optional, and now when I test without end tags it still works.
I had the tags, but I omitted the closing slash. blush.gif
Christian J
Me I just copied the OP's code. happy.gif
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