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Full Version: Images to displayed in photo album
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I need to create a online photo album for a housing community. They would like to have an online photo album to which the members can upload their photos.

The problem I will face is: Most images nowadays, taken on smartphones and digital cameras, are too big for web use (They need to be modified first before uploading to the server).

But, I can't expect people who don't know anything about webdesign how to do it.

I am looking for a way to embed oversize images into a web photo album, but they must be reduced via API (for Example) to a allowable size before shown in the photo album online.

Preferable I would just embed a service like google photos, but the examples I have seen have shown the images in a slideshow; and I don't like a slideshow. I would like to display them next to each other.

What can I do, to reduce image-size before images are displayed in a website, without having to re-size them beforehand via Photoshop?

I would prefer an existing web app, but I could write the code myself as well.

Thank you for your help!
There ought to be lots of ready made gallery scripts with user upload that have downsizing built in. Google for gallery scripts or look at for example

It will take some kind of server side programming language though, most commonly PHP these days. Do you have that available?
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