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Full Version: html drop down menu
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new member here and i didnt see another spot this would really fit into.......

i have some html coding that creates a drop down menu (this is independant of the CSS Navigation bar at the top of my websites pages)
it is actually a series of 3 pages, each one with a different drop down menu-
first one they choose which year they want, 2nd page they select the month they want
and then on the final page, they choose the specific download date and title they want-

i am so uncomfortable with CSS, i have our navigation bar in css , but these drop down menus are written in pure html5

anyways, the problem we noticed a few weeks ago is that suddenly, nothing has changed on any of our pages, but every page now.... when you click the drop down arrow to see the options, the menu appears, but to the right of it, a white (what appears to be a shadow of some sort) but its simply a shadow- no data or anything inside that shadow box- the drop down menus are appearing fine except this shadow-
i thought perhaps it was because some of the options are very wordy, but after doing some checking, the menu bars adjust length to accomodate the file names...

anyways, if anyone could help- i would certainly appreciate it!

it is a 'members only' site but if i need somoene to be able to join to see what i am talking too, i can give them access to the pages-
it is kind of strange because i can view the drop downs on my local computer and they are fine- it is only when they go live that these shadow/boxes appear

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

John Anderson/Tyger

Whatever was causing the white outlines seemed to have worked itself out- i got a new laptop and it isnt there anymore

i even cleared the cache on my old laptop and went to the menus and they were still there, but when going to it on my new laptop, they arent there so its corrected- whatever the issue was lol wink.gif

you can close this topic if you want wink.gif it doesnt require any follow ups now
Maybe you have different browser versions on the two computers. I don't think the problem is gone. Others will get it even if you don't.
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