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Full Version: How to make columns headers and data rows next to each others in HTML email?
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I have very little experience with HTML and I really appreciate your help.

I am writing an email in Salesforce that includes columns and data, however the number of rows for each column header are not equal. Current the data in the email looks like the attached "Current" file

With the above we need to scroll down to view all data.

The objective is to show data placed next to each other as shown in the attached "GOAL" file

Click to view attachment .........> Click to view attachment

My current HTML code looks like this
<a href=" "target="_blank">AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">DKNY</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">MACY'S</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">NBA STORE</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">NORDSTROM</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">WALMART</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">BEST BUY</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">HP</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">LENOVO</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">ACE HARDWARE</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">AMAZON</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">EBAY</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">OVERSTOCK.COM</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">LUGZ</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">MUSCLE & STRENGTH</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">CROWN & CALIBER</a></br>
<a href=" "target="_blank">JOMASHOP</a></br>
A table is probably safest for email.
QUOTE(pandy @ Nov 17 2019, 04:25 PM) *

A table is probably safest for email.

Can you create a table with columns that could float next to each others in an email?
No. But why would you? A table already has columns next to each other.
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