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Full Version: Building intranet; Need help
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I am in the midst of (re)building the intranet for my company. The old intranet is exactly that, old. So I am deciding how I want to go about building this. Before I ask my question, I'd like to explain what exactly I am doing. The intranet for my company is pretty simple in itself. I have gathered the info for the old intranet, and basically I just need to build multiple pages, each with varying amounts of hyperlinks. Most of those links point to files on our file server. I am good on being able to build that.

Now for the part I need help with. Periodically, certain people will need to have the ability to change the text for these links, and to a much lesser extent, change the link itself to point somewhere else entirely. I am looking for a solution to a way that I can give these people access to change what they need to. However, they are not going to know how to delve into the HTML and change it. Is there a program that I can use, or a GUI I can build, that would allow these people to change what they need to without having to understand HTML? Otherwise, I will have to do it myself, which isn't a huge issue but I want to give the people the ability to do what they need to do and not have to wait around for me in order for the changes to be made.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated!
Christian J
The general very broad term for this is CMS (Content Management System). Such programs can vary a lot in capability and complexity, perhaps the easiest solution is to repurpose some existing blog software for this.

You can also write all of it yourself. For the login you might use HTTP authentication (the simplest), or you could use an HTML form with a username/password field, which is submitted to a server-side script (e.g. PHP) which checks the password and on success sets a cookie.

For the link editing you need another HTML form, and again a server-side script that handles the submitted form data. The form data can at its simplest be written to a plain text file, or (more complex) be saved in a database. In either case you need to sanitize the form data, in case users post characters that could otherwise break the HTML or database. You may also want to let the server-side script write a log file of all changes (with the name, date and change).
Ivy Crawford
Hi! As Christian J recommended before, I would also suggest using some CMS, as they actually might save your time and effort...
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