According to all that I've read about it, a request for X-Forwarded-For should read the corresponding HTML header.
I'm using classic ASP and the Firefox browser
A request in a local file using IIS gets a blank; the same request on the same file on a web server, aborts the ASP program.
On IIS I've set an HTTP response header: X-Forwarded-For to have value: "Preseve client IP" but I don't think that this is right,
I haven't yet found out how to set the header on the web server., but I thought best to get the hang of it on the local test system first
(Why X-Forwarded-For ? to use as part of the identification of a trusted site when a user logs in to one of our databases)
Any pointers as to what I'm doing wrong, and suggestions as to how to make it work, would be much appreciated