The WDG is pleased to announce the Beta release of the new Forums at!

As many of our long time supporters are aware, has maintained a general discussion board for almost a decade. We now announce the availability of a replacement which will provide many new enhanced features including:
  • Member subscriptions
  • E-mail notification of replies and new posts
  • Multiple topic specific forums
  • Active hyperlinking
  • Code Highlighting
  • Linear and Threaded topic listings
  • Private Messaging
  • Graphics insertion
  • Text formatting

The WDG believes these new capabilities will provide enhanced discussions, combat SPAM, increase useability and foster a greater sense of community. As with any change, the new Forums will take a little getting used to, but we are confident that the vast majority of members will come to appreciate the additional capabilities.

Great pains have already gone into the configuration and modification of this discussion board in order to insure that the vast majority of functionality is available to all users. However, some issues remain and we are still working to correct them. If you discover a bug, useability issue or accessibility issue please let us know on our Feedback forum.

- Staff of the Web Design Group