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Posted by: pandy Aug 31 2020, 09:25 AM

I've had this problem on and off for years, so it's not a Win10 problem.

Occasionally sites I visit often can't be found. It can be, a site of my own or some other site use a lot. I can see with SiteUptime there is no problem with the sites. It may affect random other sites too, I probably wouldn't take notice of that, but it can't be often or affect many sites because then I would notice. It goes on for a few days, on and off. Flushing DNS and so on doesn't help but changing DNS servers always does.

It isn't my ISP. I use two other DNS servers in addition to theirs, switch between them. It happens with all three. But as said, when it happens changing to one of the other always helps. That leads me to think the problem is somehow local. But it has happened on at least two computers with at least two different versions of Windows (XP and not 10).

I don't understand this. What could cause this? It's hard to believe it's a coincident that it happens to some of my most visited sites and with three different DNS providers. unsure.gif

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