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HTMLHelp Forums _ Off Topic _ Trying to Edit an email .sig html file

Posted by: Cartaphilus Aug 24 2018, 09:06 AM

I have never worked with html before and I'm totally lost about how to make something I need to do work. I have an html file given to me by somebody else that I use as my email signature file. I want to make a change to it. So I open the code in any one of a number of on-line editors and make the change I want to do. I test it in the editor and it produces the desired result. Now how do I make that changed source produce the changed image in a file? If I double click on the original file, my browser opens and shows the original image. But if I click on the edited file, the browser shows the edited source. How do I get a file that will show the edited image, not the edited code?

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