The land we call Syria is abbreviated from Assyria because the name stuck after Assyria fell in 612.  It is arbitrarily called Aram here because the Torah calls it Aram even before the Arameans arrived.
c.1200 DAMASCUS, under Egypt from 1259, no longer under Egypt, but oppressed by Sea Peoples until ?. 1200 wikD
c.1200 HALAP, under Hittites from ?, reverts to a small market town, returns to Arameans until 900. 1200 B76 1-465, rcS
c.1200 SIDON overcome by the king of the "Askalonians" (probably Sea People).  Flee in ships to Tyre.
TYRE is taken over by Sidonians, and becomes chief Phoenician port.
1200 ENBD 1302, MWΦ 9, rcHL
1198 WBANE 342
c.1200 ACCO, under Egypt from 1900, comes under TYRE until 1000.

Levant 1000-612               Syria & Urartu 1000-612
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