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Posted by: Brian Chandler May 11 2021, 10:40 AM

It's amazing how some things just keep going, to see the same names (if not faces) as a decade or so ago. My website has carried on unchanged, and I find myself looking at css stylesheets (in particular) that were last modified in 2008. Anyway, a couple of general questions...

The WDG html validator doesn't seem to work any more. Is there a recommendation somewhere for replacements (including css)?

Secondly, the cookie thing. I see that Almost Every website has a thing that pops up and says "Will you let us send cookies to your browser?", and I presume that if I say "No", it sends a cookie saying "No cookies". Or something like that. I believe this is an EU idea (well obviously, it's the product of a legal "mind" somewhere), and it seems to make no sense. I am not (in general) subject to EU law, because I am in Japan and am also no longer an EU citizen; what can I read to understand what this is all supposed to mean, or am I being silly in even thinking about it?

Posted by: Christian J May 11 2021, 12:23 PM

I only know of (I recall it sometimes interpret the HTML5 spec in arbitrary ways). For CSS there's

Most websites probably just add the cookie prompt because everybody else are doing it. From what I've read on random websites, the cookie law only applies to companies in the EU, or companies doing business primarily in the EU, and even then there's an exception for cookies necessary for the functionality of a website (such as shopping carts), as opposed to cookies used for spying or advertizing.

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