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Posted by: pandy May 11 2021, 03:45 PM

Attaching files is a little different here than at most forums. It's a two step process.

1. Below the textarea where you type your post is a browse button (1). Use that to select a file on your hard drive. It will be uploaded to the server and the file name turns up in the field to the right of the browse button (1A).

Attached Image

2. Now click the button labeled "Add This Attachment" (2). A new field will appear below where your attachments are listed (2A). If you want to attach more than one file, just repeat the above for each of them.

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3. Now place your cursor where you want your file (or link to file) to turn up in your post. Then click the button labeled "Add into Post" (3). This will make a "special code" appear in the post (3A). It will be replaced with your file/link to file later. If you change your mind about the placement you can copy the special code and paste it in somewhere else in your post. If it for example is above the text and you rather want it at the bottom or in the middle.

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If you have uploaded more files in the previous steps, move your cursor to where you want the next file to appear and click the Add into Post button that corresponds to that file.

You're done and can submit your post. smile.gif

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