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All are welcome to join the HTMLHelp User Community. We ask only that you follow these simple rules:
  1. No commercial solicitation is allowed.
  2. No harsh, foul, demeaning or overly critical language is allowed.
  3., LLC is a US based company and US laws apply to the way the board is conducted.
Any post found to be in violation of any of these may be modified and the user warned. Repeated warnings will result in a permanent ban from all forums.

Please help one another, feel free to seek assistance, and generally treat others as you would wish to be treated.

Editing Policy

Members can edit their own posts for up to 60 minutes. After that time, posts become a matter of public record. It is our intention that posts remain useful, not just to the member who originally asked a question or raised a topic, but to others who visit the forums later.

The forum moderators may consider requests to edit posts. But even when such requests are honored, given the frequency of visits from the major search engines, the original content will still be floating around on the Internet somewhere. Expect anything you post here to remain public indefinitely. Be careful about what you post to the forums.

Only requests from the original poster will be honored. All requests for the moderators to edit posts must include:
  • A complete, detailed reason for the request.
  • A precise description of the material to be edited.
  • A statement indicating an understanding of this policy.
Posts will not be edited for any of the following reasons:
  • Reducing exposure to legitimate spiders (e.g., search engines)
  • Reducing exposure to illegitimate spiders (e.g., spammers)
  • Updating/removing personal contact information.
Requests to edit posts may be submitted to the forum moderators by using the "Report" function.

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