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Posted by: otosaki Aug 26 2019, 08:52 AM

I know it's not advisable to use frames, however I am experimenting and I really like the way they break down the page.

My problem is that I am using frames to create two distinct frames as navigation bars with a frame to load the links. Of course, when a link is clicked in a particular frame it loads in that frame. I would like the link to be loaded in a frame that is not the frame in which the link was originally clicked.

Anyone have any suggestions/code that could help me out? Much appreciated!

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Posted by: otosaki Aug 26 2019, 08:54 AM

I feel as though I put this in the wrong section - if so I apologize!

Posted by: pandy Aug 26 2019, 03:09 PM

No problem. I can move the thread to the HTML section.

You use the target attribute with the name of the frame you want to target as its value. See this FAQ entry.

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