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Posted by: gc-malcolm May 12 2021, 09:11 PM

I have looked at and have used the HTML translate example to create a HTML page that has a
button that when pressed translates the page . That however is not what I want.

I am learning Japanese and would like to be able to do look ups for a word on my Japanese "notepad", so I don't have to have another browser/page open.

Entering this url you get two text boxes that can be set to two of many languages
what I would like to do is have a similar setup on a html page that I am running on my local PC.

I have spent a number of hours looking for a solution , translating a web page is presented dozens of times I can do that, a number of people have presented
dictionary look ups where you have your own look ups, but no one seems to have shared how to create a translate a word/phrase mechanism similar to the google translate boxes.

So, my html "notepad" which allows me to paste hirigana/katakana/kanji/romaji and english is just a bunch of textboxes that accept japanese fonts, I wish to add
a couple of extra text boxes that would allow for translation of words ( see the red box in the attached pic)

Can anyone point me toward a solution.

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Posted by: Brian Chandler Jun 2 2021, 02:34 AM

Are you still looking for help on this? Your question is not entirely clear, but if you respond I will try to provide something of an answer.
(For a start, it's "hiragana", not "hiri...")

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