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Full Version: DHTML links and fixed height right rail - Page length?
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I am trying to make a page that has a DTML (dynamic expanding links), and a right hand column - Below is my code.

I want to make the right hand colunm (most common questions grey area) a fixed height.

It seems to be the length of the page as if all the menus are clicked on and opened even if they are closed.

How can I make it a fixed height regardless of how many links (dhtml) are opned or not so that most common questions are no longer than say 500 pixles.

Any suggestions would be handy.




<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">


<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="725" height="4944">
<!-- MSTableType="layout" -->
<td valign="top" height="75" colspan="3">
<!-- MSCellType="ContentHead" -->

<table border="0" width="100%" id="table1">
<td>Products </td>
<td>Getting started</td>
<td>Manage </td>
<td>Trouble Shooting</td>
<td>Contact Us</td>
<font size="1">Home&nbsp; &gt; Products and Services &gt; Account basics&gt;
Learning about accts &gt; Cash acct </font>
<td valign="top">
<!-- MSCellType="ContentHead2" -->
Welcome to the bert and ernie Learning Centre. Think of it as your personal "how to" resource. Find answers to almost all your questions about your account. Why wait on hold waiting for a customer service rep? <br><br>
I need help with:

<td height="95">&nbsp;</td>
<td valign="top" width="200" rowspan="2" height="4869">
<!-- MSCellType="NavBody" -->
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%" height="100%">
<!-- MSCellFormattingTableID="2" -->
<img alt="" src="MsoPnl_Cnr_tl_2A1.gif" width="20" height="20"></td>
<td bgcolor="#C0C0C0" nowrap>
<!-- MSCellFormattingType="header" -->
<p align="center"><b>Most Common Questions</b></td>
<td height="20">
<img alt="" src="MsoPnl_Cnr_tr_2A3.gif" width="20" height="20"></td>
<td valign="top" bgcolor="#CCCCCC" colspan="3" height="100%">
<!-- MSCellFormattingType="content" -->
<p align="left">
&nbsp;<p align="left">
<b>1. </b>
<p align="left"><b>2. </b>
<p align="left"><b>3. </b>
<p align="center">&nbsp;<p align="left">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="20">
<img alt="" src="MsoPnl_Cnr_bl_2A5.gif" width="20" height="20"></td>
<td nowrap bgcolor="#C0C0C0" width="100%">
<!-- MSCellFormattingType="footer" -->
<td height="20" width="20">
<img alt="" src="MsoPnl_Cnr_br_2A7.gif" width="20" height="20"></td>
<td valign="top" width="500">
<!-- MSCellType="ContentBody" -->

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node1')">Products and Services overview</A>
<UL id="node1" style="display:none">
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node2')">Account Basics</A>
<UL id="node2" style="display:none">
<LI>About bert and ernie </LI>
<LI>What you’ll find at bert and ernie </LI>
<LI>Available Currencies</LI>
<LI>What account type is right for you?</LI>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node3')">Learning about our account types</A>
<UL id="node3" style="display:none">
<LI>Cash Account</LI>
<LI>Cash Optimizer Investment Account</LI>
<LI>Margin Accounts</LI>
<LI>Short-selling Accounts</LI>
<LI>Learning about Short Account Buy-ins</LI>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node4')">Registered Plan Accounts</A>
<UL id="node4" style="display:none">
<LI>Self-directed RRSP</LI>
<LI>Spousal RRSP</LI>
<LI>Locked-in RRSP</LI>
<LI>Retirement products: Rules and restrictions</LI>
<LI>Collapsing your RRSP and deregistering the funds</LI>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node5')">Markets, fees and other important information</A>
<UL id="node5" style="display:none">
<LI>Markets and Hours</LI>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node6')">How we calculate and charge our fees</A>
<UL id="node6" style="display:none">
<LI>Commissions or trading fees</LI>
<LI>How we calculate interest</LI>
<LI>Interest schedule</LI>
<LI>Other charges</LI>
<LI>Learning about Fraud</LI>
<LI>The Digital Security ID</LI>
<LI>Stockplan Participants</LI>


<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node7')">Getting Started With bert and ernie </A>
<UL id="node7" style="display:none">
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node8')">Account opening and funding</A>
<UL id="node8" style="display:none">
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node9')">Information you need to open an account</A>
<UL id="node9" style="display:none">
<LI>Other important information we'll need</LI>
<LI>Anti money laundering requirements</LI>
<LI>Understanding the role of a Qualified Intermediary ("QI")</LI>
<LI>How to open an account</LI>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node10')">How to complete the application form</A>
<UL id="node10" style="display:none">
<LI>What happens next in the account opening process</LI>
<LI>What if my application form is missing information?</LI>
<LI>The first time you log on</LI>

<LI>Understanding your account number</LI>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node11')">Depositing money to your bert and ernie account</A>
<UL id="node11" style="display:none">
<LI>Easy Transfer<SUP><FONT SIZE="-1">TM</FONT></SUP> </LI>
<LI>Bill payment</LI>
<LI>Depositing a cheque</LI>
<li>Wiring Funds</li>
<li>TelPay<SUP><FONT SIZE="-1">TM</FONT></SUP> </li>

<li>Deposit types we do not accept</li>
<li>More about Bill payments as deposits</li>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node12')">More about Wire Transfers</A>
<UL id="node12" style="display:none">
<LI>To wire funds to your bert and ernie account from a non-Canadian institution</LI>

<li>Withdrawing funds from your account</li>
<li>Withdrawals using Easy Transfer</li>
<li>Withdrawals by cheque</li>
<li>Withdrawals by wire payment</li>
<li>Withdrawals from RRSP Accounts</li>
<li>Withdrawals from RRIF Accounts</li>


<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node13')">Account transfers</A>
<UL id="node13" style="display:none">
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node14')">Transferring from another broker</A>
<UL id="node14" style="display:none">
<LI>How long a transfer takes</LI>
<LI>What cannot be transferred</LI>
<LI><strong>What happens if your transfer form is incomplete or missing information?</strong></LI>
<LI>What else do I need to know about transfers?</LI>
<li>ATON eligible institutions</li>


<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node15')">Margin Accounts</A>
<UL id="node15" style="display:none">
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node16')">An introduction to Margin Accounts</A>
<UL id="node16" style="display:none">
<LI>Loan value</LI>
<LI>Equity and Mutual Funds</LI>
<LI>Fixed income securities</LI>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node17')">Option specific margining</A>
<UL id="node17" style="display:none">
<LI>Margin calls</LI>
<LI>Debt limit</LI>

<li>When do I start borrowing money in my Margin Account?</li>
<li>Understanding asset segregation in a margin account</li>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node18')">The advantages and disadvantages of a Margin Account</A>
<UL id="node18" style="display:none">
<LI>Advantages of a Margin Account</LI>
<LI>Disadvantages of a Margin Account</LI>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node19')">Buying power and excess equity</A>
<UL id="node19" style="display:none">
<LI>What is buying power?</LI>
<LI>How does bert and ernie calculate buying power?</LI>
<li>Loan value</li>
<li>Buying power for Cash Account</li>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node20')">Calculating buying power</A>
<UL id="node20" style="display:none">
<LI>Cash Account buying power</LI>
<LI>Margin Account buying powe</LI>
<li>Buying power summary</li>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node21')">All About Margin Calls</A>
<UL id="node21" style="display:none">
<LI>Depositing more money</LI>
<LI>Liquidating securities</LI>
<li>Depositing certificates</li>
<li>Restriction on meeting margin calls</li>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node22')">Trust account basics</A>
<UL id="node22" style="display:none">
<LI>Forms you need to complete</LI>
<LI>Changing from an in trust account to an individual account</LI>
<li>Corporate and other non-personal accounts </li>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node23')">Maintaining Your Account</A>
<UL id="node23" style="display:none">
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node24')">Administration and maintenance of your account</A>
<UL id="node24" style="display:none">
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node25')">Depositing securities to your bert and ernie account</A>
<UL id="node25" style="display:none">
<LI>Depositing certificates</LI>
<LI>Contributing stock certificates to an RRSP</LI>
<LI>ontributions of stock from a joint account to a Spousal or Individual RRSP</LI>
<li>Converting a Cash Account to a Cash upfront Account</li>
<li>Adding options trading or increasing your options trading level</li>
<li>Removing margin or option trading from your account</li>
<li>Changing an Individual account to a Joint account</li>
<li>Converting to an estate</li>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node26')">Trade confirmation slips and statements</A>
<UL id="node26" style="display:none">

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node27')">If you move or change your contact information</A>
<UL id="node27" style="display:none">
<LI>Duplicate statements</LI>
<li>What kind of documents we send</li>
<li>How often we send them</li>


<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node28')">Managing Money and Securities in Your Account</A>
<UL id="node28" style="display:none">
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node29')">Account management basics</A>
<UL id="node29" style="display:none">
<li>Understanding exchange rates and currency conversion</li>
<li>Short term cash Investments</li>
<li>Systematic deposits</li>
<li>When funds are available for trading or withdrawal</li>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node30')">Hold periods for deposits: Some examples</A>
<UL id="node30" style="display:none">
<LI>First deposits</LI>
<LI>Previously funded account by cheque or Easy Transfer deposit</LI>
<li>Cross trades</li>
<li>Debit interest policies</li>
<li>Credit interest policies</li>
<li>Depositing Certificates of Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPC)</li>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node31')">Site tools</A>
<UL id="node31" style="display:none">

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node32')">Portfolio Manager</A>
<UL id="node32" style="display:none">
<li>Add portfolio entries</li>
<li>Modify your current portfolio</li>
<li>Viewing your account details</li>

<LI>Real-time portfolio updates</LI>
<LI>The 10-Second Guarantee</LI>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node33')">A-List (Powered by Clearstation)</A>
<UL id="node33" style="display:none">
<li>How to find the ticker symbol for a company</li>
<li>Trading Tools - Research Centre </li>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node34')">Analyst Research</A>
<UL id="node34" style="display:none">
<li>Latest Research</li>
<li>Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades</li>

<li>About ""</li>


<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node35')">Options</A>
<UL id="node35" style="display:none">
<LI>Option quotes</LI>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node36')">The Option Centre</A>
<UL id="node36" style="display:none">
<li>Option chains</li>
<li> Keep this sample or change it to different stock ? (currently no such option on ETFC) ]Option analysis (Black-Scholes)</li>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node37')">Option analysis (Black-Scholes</A>
<UL id="node37" style="display:none">
<li>Option filter tool</li>
<li>Options Top Ten U.S Issues</li>
<li>ptions Top Ten Canadian Issues</li>


<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node38')">Mutual Funds</A>
<UL id="node38" style="display:none">
<LI>Mutual fund quotes</LI>
<li>Mutual fund charts</li>
<li>circle Chart</li>
<li>circle Chart in above image</li>
<li>Mutual fund profiles</li>
<li>Mutual fund perfomance</li>
<li>Performance ratings</li>
<li>Composite ratings</li>
<Li>Gordon Pape's Dollar Ratings</LI>
<li>Fund Search &amp; Comapre</li>
<li>Fund performance Charts</li>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node39')">Bonds and Fixed Income investments</A>
<UL id="node39" style="display:none">

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node40')">All about Bonds</A>
<UL id="node40" style="display:none">
<LI>Placing a bond order</LI>
<li>About bond pricing</li>
<li>Understanding bond credit ratings</li>
<li>Set up bonds</li>
<li>Convertible bonds</li>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node41')">All about strip bonds</A>
<UL id="node41" style="display:none">
<LI>Strip coupons</LI>


<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node42')">Technical Analysis</A>
<UL id="node42" style="display:none">
<LI>Technical analysis screening tools</LI>
<li>Learning about Technical Events<SUP><FONT SIZE="-1">TM</FONT></SUP></li>
<li>Technical Event Stock Screener - Advanced Tab</li>
<li>Technical Insight</li>
<li>Technical Analysis - MarketVision<SUP><FONT SIZE="-1">TM</FONT></SUP></li>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node43')">Initial Public Offerings</A>
<UL id="node43" style="display:none">
<LI>How to participate in an Initial Public Offering</LI>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node44')">Making Trades</A>
<UL id="node44" style="display:none">
<li>Introduction </li>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node45')">Getting quotes</A>
<UL id="node45" style="display:none">
<li>How stocks are priced</li>
<li>Why a quote price can be different from the actual execution price</li>
<li>About opening rotation</li>
<li>Orders rejected by the exchange</li>
<li>Dividends and corporate actions impact on your order</li>
<li>Changing or canceling orders </li>
<li>To change an equity order</li>
<li>To cancel an open order</li>
<li>Placing Mutual Funds Orders</li>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node46')">Is my order filled yet?</A>
<UL id="node46" style="display:none">
<li>Placing US extended hours trades</li>
<li>Placing Canadian Dollar extended hours trades</li>
<li>Share splits and consolidations</li>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node47')">Dividend purchase plan</A>
<UL id="node47" style="display:none">
<li>Example of Trailing Stop Order placement using percentages</li>
<li>Limitations of trailing stop orders</li>
<li>Trailing Stop Order rejects</li>
<li>When to place Trailing Stop Orders</li>

<li>Exercising Rights and Warrants</li>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node48')">Same-Day cancellations and corrections</A>
<UL id="node48" style="display:none">
<li>Non-same-day cancellations and corrections</li>

<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node49')">Exercising Your Options</A>
<UL id="node49" style="display:none">
<li>Your options may be exercised without notice</li>
<li>Being assigned on your options</li>
<li>What happens when an option is assigned?</li>
<li>Confirming Your Trade</li>


<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node50')">Active Trading Tools</A>
<UL id="node50" style="display:none">
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node51')">Platforms available</A>
<UL id="node51" style="display:none">
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node52')">Power bert and ernie Pro<SUP><FONT SIZE="-1">TM</FONT></SUP></A>
<UL id="node52" style="display:none">
<LI>Basic system functions</LI>
<LI>Entering orders with Power Pro</LI>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node53')">Power bert and ernie Market Trader</FONT></SUP></A>
<UL id="node53" style="display:none">
<LI>Using the Power bert and ernie Market Trader</LI>
<LI>Entering orders with Power Pro</LI>


<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node54')">Troubleshooting</A>
<UL id="node54" style="display:none">
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node55')">Technical troubleshooting</A>
<UL id="node55" style="display:none">
<LI>General troubleshooting for all browsers</LI>
<LI>About Cookies</LI>
<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node57')">Common error messages when placing orders</FONT></SUP></A>
<UL id="node57" style="display:none">
<LI>Rejected orders</LI>


<LI><A href="#" onClick="toggle('node58')">Contacting us</A>
<UL id="node58" style="display:none">
<LI>Access to bert and ernie website via cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs)</LI>
<LI>Contacting us by phone</LI>
<li>Visiting our offices</li>


<script type="text/javascript">function toggle(id) {
var e = document.getElementById(id);

if ( == '') = 'none';
else = '';
<td height="4736" width="25">&nbsp;</td>


Darin McGrew
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