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Full Version: Crazy marquee / Scroll bar question
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I want to be able to move the page
at the same time I am activating a marquee.

I can activate a marquee with a button obviously. That's no problem.
BUt is there an html way of having a button control the scrolling?


I am trying to produce a website that can give the illusion
of layered movement with NO FLASH and
NO JAVASCRIPT. My idea was to have a fixed image background.
Standard images which would move with the scroll.
And then Marquee images which would be activated on scroll
so that they appeared to move either slower or faster than the scrolling
speed, thus giving the illusion of depth.

Two issues:

1. I could have one button control multiple marquees at different speeds to give
the illusion of depth, but the content would be limited.
I'm looking for a way to have a fixed background; standard content on that
and then the marquee. That way forms and things could be fully functional.

2.Because of the speed sensing problem of dragging scollers, I would simply just use
button scrolling (click or click and hold)

An alternative would be if there was an html way of making an image follow a percent
of scroll.
Marquee as in <marquee></marquee>?
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