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Full Version: A question about file extensions
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Greetings from the newbie,

I'm not new to web design, HTML or any other markup language used for web pages, but I was just wondering is it possible to create your own file extension (i.e. thispage.fnwp) and make it work like a regular page (i.e. thispage.htm) I've created several unique file extensions to simply act as a .txt file on my web sites, but I recently got the above idea to create a file extension that would act as an HTML page, can anyone help me out here?

Sure. It's just a matter of configuring the server to serve .jester with the content-type 'text/html'. If you are on Apache, you can do that with .htaccess. smile.gif
Ahh, thanks, I should have seen that one, but I don't deal with .htaccess much.
Darin McGrew
Be careful reusing file extensions that MS Windows knows about. MSIE has a tendency to ignore the server-provided content-type, and assume a file's type based on the file extension.
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