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Full Version: Allowing customers to choose shirt sizes
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Hi, I am trying to help my friend make a small website using yahoo web hosting. He wants to sell only one product on his website and that is a t-shirt. He has a paypal button setup so customers can click and it takes them to a buy now page with the shirt price. The only problem is that they can not choose which size shirt they want. How do I setup the website so that the customer can choose the shirt size and then when they pay for the shirt it sends me the customers information so I know how many shirts they bought and what each size is? Thanks for any help.
Brian Chandler
Have you looked at the PayPal shopping cart system? If you have separate item codes for each shirt size, you should be able to do it quite simply.

Ideally, you have your own server script that records all the information and hands the customer to PayPal, but this is a bit of work. I think alternatives using Javascript to hack the PayPal url are not such a good idea, because you will lose (a small number of) customers if you _require_ javascript.
Thanks for the info, I talked to my friend and he does have a merchant account with paypal, so I will definetly use their cart system to make it simple. I had never thought about that until you mentioned it. Thanks again!
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