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Full Version: Disabling Wordpress and installing HTML site - help
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Hello guys, I need some help on how to "disable" a wordpress site from my ftp without having to delete it and then "installing" a new site in html instead.

Basically I have a personal website to showcase my works, a super simple online portfolio. At the moment it's wordpress based and I got someone else installing it from me.
Now I have bought a HTML template that's more suitable for my needs and that I am customising - once it's all done, how shall I proceed with the replacement without messing everything up?
Is there anything I should keep in mind or setting up, before doing so?

Sorry if I am not using the correct lingo, I hope you can understand me anyway. blush.gif

Thanks for your help! smile.gif
A little more detail. Is your WP installation using your "main URL", like if you go to you get the blog? Or does it use a subdomain (like or its own directory (

Do you want to keep the files because you may change your mind and go back to using WP or is it just for your own browsing?
Thanks for your reply Pandy!
It's my own domain, a main URL. A "clean"
(Not sure if I can share the real address here?)
I want to keep the files just as a backup, in case (again) I mess it up and need to get back to a fucntioning website.
Just a backup? Then take a look at the end of this thread.
Thanks Pandy!!! I am looking into it wink.gif
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