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Full Version: Viewing HTML pages locally on smartphone
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Is that at all possible? If so, how?

Thing is, I'm a mushroom forager. I'd like to put together my own "mushroom book" with images and my notes. HTML is what I know so I'd prefer to be able to use that. I could put it on a server, but one doesn't always have good enough signal in the forest.
Christian J
This seems to work: --at least I was able to see the source of a local XML file in the browser window...
Ah! I didn't even think of trying the file protocol. Only problem is that I don't seem able to reach the SD card. The suggested file:///sdcard/ takes me to the internal memory. If I try to go one directory up it's forbidden. Same if I try just file:/// .

Well, it will probably be easier to google now that I know i should use file:/// .

Thanks. smile.gif
Hmm. Same if I use the full URL. In my case file:///storage/6631-6263/ . Access Denied. No problem with a file manager. So why can't a browser go there? unsure.gif
Odd. I only had Chrome. So I installed FF. Strangeties occurred...

* When I do the sdcard thing FF tells me access denied straight off whereas Chrome took me to the internal memory.
* file:///storage/ works in FF (denied in Chrome). Get a file listing. But when I click the SD card - DENIED.

I tried to google, but it seems this is a common problem with file managers too, so that's what I found tips about. They were all either misguided or very complicated and scary sounding. Hard to google since file managers are also called file BROWSERS. When I included Chrome specifically I learnt that Chrome doesn't support browsing local files. Which it does. Only it can't access the SD card. If the files are on the internal card it displays them fine.
Ah! Something relevant at least.
Yes! laugh.gif

Chose this one instead of the suggested one because it doesn't have ads. At least it doesn't say it has ads at Play and I haven't seen any yet.

This thing isn't able to access the internet though. Not as far as I see anyway.
Christian J
It's not possible to change an ordinary browser's permissions by editing its manifest file from a PC?
Oh my. If you find the right one, I'm willing to try it. biggrin.gif

The viewer I chose is open source. I don't find any information saying it's based on a known browser. So maybe not so useful for testing. I've only checked that it can read external CSS, but not how much CSS it supports. Will work for me even if it doesn't support the latest. I don't want fancy for my mushrooms, the simpler the better.

It is after all capable of reading pages on the web. If I click a link to a webpage it opens in the viewer. It's just there's no way to enter an URL directly, no address bar. Only an Browse icon that doesn't offer text input.
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