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Full Version: Change link to open in File
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Hi guys, I don't know if it's the right place to post this, but here it goes:

i'm working on a new intranet site, as an intern. I have very little experience in HTML. We have a news app which shows our newest newsarticles on the front page. We upload the news file as a .pdf and have to add it as content to the newsarticle. Now when we're on the homepage and click on the article, it opens in a details page which states the link to the .pdf. there we can click the .pdf file to open it as a file.

So newsarticle => detailspage (where you can put in content and displays the .pdf link => click the link to open in adobe.

Now what i want is when we click the newsarticle, it opens as a .pdf immediately, instead going through the details/contents page.

here's a copy of the news overview on our homepage.

<div class="extranieuws_header">
<p><b class="newsBodyHeader">Overzicht laatste nieuws:</b></p>

<div class="extranieuws_item_wrapper">

{{for results}}
<div class="item link-item">
<a class="articleLink" href="{{>~createDetailLink(Id)}}" target="_blank" title="{{:Title}}" >{{>~formatDate(PublicationDate || Created,'DD/MM/YYYY')}} - {{:Title}}</a>


<div class=" disclaimer">
<p><b class= "Disclaimerheader"> Klik op het icoontje rechts voor het nieuwsarchief ----------- </b></p>

and here's the details page in which we have to click the .pdf file

<div class="kembitnieuws_wrapper">
<div class="kembitnieuws_content">
<div class="kembitnieuws_title_wrapper">
<div class="newstitle">
<div class="kembitnieuws_datum">{{>~formatDate(PublicationDate || Created,'MM/DD/YYYY')}} - {{>~fromNowDate(PublicationDate || Created,'en')}}</div>

<div class="kembitnieuws_description">
{{if Image}}
<img src="{{:Image.Url}}" style="max-width: 300px;">
<div style="clear:both"></div>
<div class="kembitnieuws_leesverder">
<a id="kembitnieuws_closelink" href="java script:window.close();" style="color:rgb(255, 133, 0);">< close this article</a>
Christian J
The parts with {{ and }} characters is not HTML, it looks like some kind of web publishing system (that in turn may generate HTML) but I don't know which one.
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