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Full Version: Next button needed on picture gallery
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I am not into web designing. Learnt a few tricks online and ended up buying a domain. I have been working on a template that I used for making my own picture gallery. The picture gallery is coming along nicely but I used this template that doesn't have next button on the picture that you click to bring it big on the screen.
Actually, I'm hoping to get something like LIGHTBOX that shows pictures with next button.

I am using this template....
If you go to this demo you will see that clicking on to pictures doesn't let you go to next pic. You close every pic and then click the other one. it's time-consuming.

I want something like this.....
If you go and check the "Four image gallery" example you will see that you get a chance to go next. I want that added onto the template I'm using.

Please help me correct the CSS or JS files to fix this.

I will be very grateful.

Many Regards.
So why don't you just use lightbox?
QUOTE(pandy @ Sep 26 2017, 05:32 PM) *

So why don't you just use lightbox?

Because I have gone very far building my album on this template and it's not possible to change that. all my time spent on this so far will go in vain. so was thinking if someone could help me change the CSS file to add next button on existing coding.
It would take more than a CSS change.
QUOTE(pandy @ Sep 28 2017, 06:39 AM) *

It would take more than a CSS change.

Can you give me an idea how to go about it? what to look for and which files to work on.
I tried to check few things and it looks like JS files need to have some changes but when I open JS files it all gibberish to me.
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