Hi all,

I'm currently very new to the web development scene, I've only ever briefly touched up on it during university.

I'm currently making a portfolio for LinkedIn and would like my website to be responsive to resizing and mobile compatibility as well as other devices.

The issue that i'm having is that when I try to zoom in and out of the website it seems to be all over the place, the background would not stretch out to fill the screen and the nav bar would not resize. The text would also be a mess.

I've used gumby frameworks as part of the website. The webpage and CSS in question are both called Mainpage (.html and .css) which are attached. I can't attach the frameworks because it sadly takes us too much of the attachment space.

As I said, the code might be horrific to view but I am very new to this and very keen to learn.

Any comments and solutions are welcome, it would be a big help.

Many Thanks


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