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Full Version: Fixed HTML/CSS in directory
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Is there a way to force an html/css for a complete directory?

I have uploaded images/videos to my directory "uploads" on my webhost. Now if I go to them, then I get a black background and the image will be displayed nothing else.
Is it possible to add there html/css for those files to get for example a header, footer, wrapper and a fixed file size?

Thanks smile.gif
Do you mean automatically? That you could go to and a page with the first image would automatically load and then you could browse to the next one and so on? If that's it, you should look for gallery scripts.
Nope, like you're uploading 2 images on your webspace. If you go on it gives you the html + image.

And the same goes for the image2.png
I suppose with server side scripting everything is possible, but there is no automatic function that does what you want. You need to create it, one way or another.

The easiest for what you want is actually to create a HTML page that looks like you want. Then you just need to copy it and change the URL in the IMG tag for each image you upload. And go to isntead of But I guess that's not what you want.
Yea, that's what I'm doing right now but it's a bit annoying. :/
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