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Full Version: Tumblr HTML Code
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Hello there, I was wondering if anyone can help me. Basically I run a Tumblr page that I use to display pictures only. I used a pre made theme as I do not write code myself. The theme is perfect and the page looks great but I have 1 small issue. Basically, my Tumblr is pictures of attractive women. I only use 4 Tags, either #blonde #brunette# redhead or #group. My page currently just displays all pictures in the order I upload them, which is fine. However, I would like it so that when I click the titles at the top, the page only displays pictures with that tag. So for example, the page shows a mix of blonde brunette redhead and group pictures, but I would like it to then, only display pictures I tagged with #blonde, if someone clicks the BLONDE title button. So ideally I would have buttons that say, HOME (which when pressed, returns to showing my page in its entirety), BLONDE (When pressed will only display pictures I tagged as #blonde), BRUNETTE (When pressed will only display pictures I tagged as #brunette), REDHEAD (When pressed will only display pictures I tagged as #redhead) and lastly GROUP (Which when pressed only displays pics I tagged as #group). Hopefully that is a a clear description of what I want. Before wasting anyones time by posting code, please advise me if this is possible and I will post any information that is required soon after. Many thanks in advance.
First, I know nothing about Tumblr. Second, how do you tag your pictures? I mean, how do you add a #blonde tag to a picture? Is the picture tag and path stored in a database? Can a picture have more than 1 tag (like #blonde and #group)?

You should make the tag links into page links.

You can add a tumblr page and instead of creating a page, use a tag you want to use. In this case you use 'redirect'

Add the tag url you want to use and the blog will display only the posts with those tags.

Here is bit more info on this subject:
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