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Full Version: Dropdown menu issues (responsive)
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Hi there, a website I have designed for a client is getting no support feedback from the developers so I thought I'd try my luck here! The website is:

Effectively the problem is with the built-in dropdown menu - it works on computer browsers, however when the menu becomes responsive on tablets or mobile devices the act of clicking on one of the dropdown options makes the menu disappear. There are a few weird workarounds however.. 1) when you click and hold for a second it will work 2) when you click to the right of the link text (in the blank space of the menu) it will also work, but clicking on the actual dropdown link text causes the menu to close.

Any help would be much appreciated and I can and will post any code that you're not able to see from the browser.

Thank you in advance for any answers/help!
Christian J
Could you make a minimal test page (without all the external scripts and stylesheets) that illustrates the problem?
Most of the links actually work on my Android phone. Those that don't behave oddly otherwise too. If I tap quickly the menu item first expands in height and then the menu disappears as you said. If I tap a tad longer it expands and stays that way. If I long press I get the context menu (Open in same window, Open in new window and so on). Can't get the problem links to open the normal way at all.

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