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Full Version: Website doesn't load correctly on a tablet but looks perfect on desktop?
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Logan Zen
I createdMy Portfolio website which loads perfectly when I view it on my desktop but on my 10" samsung tab the skills section the 2 boxes with html and css paragraphs load in skewy...anyone know an easy fix what I need to change Im not sure if its css or html, so please move this if need be.

Thanks for any help
You look so much like a guy I know it's scary! laugh.gif

You mean they are no longer centered? If so, that happens in a much larger window already.
Christian J
QUOTE(pandy @ Nov 3 2016, 09:29 PM) *

You mean they are no longer centered? If so, that happens in a much larger window already.

Seems the window needs to be around 1560px wide to make them centered, smaller or larger widths distort the layout. Haven't figured out how the centering of the skills boxes is done yet, but the ".skills2" container has a 40em left margin (not used in ".skills1"), which may or may not affect this.


BTW, the image sizes should be optimized. The portrait file size is 2.8MB, and while the portfolio/slideshow images are not that large they're still resized with CSS, which may slow down page rendering (very much so in my Webkit browser).
Logan Zen
Thanks formreplies will centre css boxes on a larger window too, and I will resize the images thanks for the advice...
Logan Zen
I have changed the sliders to be centred starting at 1800px and removed the padding, however the padding was there so that thd skills 2 box was inbetween the spaces above like a pyramid ....

Anyone knows how to do that be glad of the help I am a noob with this, portfolio is my first there a better way to do galleries on a one page site rather than the sliders?

Thanks again
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