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What do you guys think of Dougmanic's? Does it look good?
That's very nice Doug. I quite like the clean look and lack of fancy nonsense that plagues much of the web. Some great photos as well!
Very nice! I love the clean-looking page layout. It really adds a nice touch, plus, since it is mostly text and simple things like that and not so many pictures, it will load more quickly on dial-up or other slow browsers.
Christian J
The validator reports this problem:

And although the validator doesn't complain, one shouldn't use SGML comments in SCRIPT or STYLE elements in proper XHTML:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"/>

It's good to add a space before the ending slash, IIRC older browsers handle it better then.

The HTML structure can be improved. E.g., instead of

<h4>Welcome to <i>Dougmanic</i>'s</h4>

you should use a H1 heading, and instead of the <I> element you might use CITE(?). Then style these elements with CSS to look the way you want.

The subheaders look strange without CSS:

Going to the TabsSeptember 28, 2006[ Website ]

--why not add some white-space?

In your style sheet it's good to specify color and background together.

A fluid page layout is more user-friendly than one with a fixed width.
The navigation links catch the hover, but you have to click on the text link itself to be taken to that link. There are many samples on the internet on how to extend link response to the entire ""button" with CSS (see at

And Arial is a "sans-serif" font, though you specified Arial together with the generic "serif" font in your CSS.
Dude, I am new to this and can't wait to make such clean looking sites! Also I am going to pick your brain when I need help

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