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[font=Arial]Hello, I'm Cameron V. My website is I just hoped to get a few constructive critistic comments on my website. I'd like to know what I have done right and what I have done wrong, and how I can make my site better.
-Cameron Versluis
It's looking real good Cameron, but don't forget to validate your pages. You have some errors you need to clean up here
Yeah, I did the validation and I think I cleaned up most of the errors in my homepage, and I'm working on the rest. It was mostly images needing ALT tags, which is going to be a pain to put in but will definitely make my site more compatable.
I was wondering, is there a substiture for the <nobr> tag I can use that is compatible with all other browsers? I want the navigation bar's separate images not to pile up onto each other when the window is smaller. Any suggestions?
And also the <center> tag, is there a all-browser compatable replacement for that?
Christian J
Instead of NOBR you might use CSS "white-space: nowrap" in the text's container.

Instead of CENTER you might use CSS "text-align: center" for inline content (text, images). For block level elements there are a several alternatives, here are a couple:

No CSS solution works in all browsers (since not all browsers use CSS, or even render the web page on a screen), but the above should be supported in popular ones.
Darin McGrew
QUOTE(Christian J @ Oct 4 2006, 01:43 PM) *
Instead of NOBR you might use CSS "white-space: nowrap" in the text's container.
See also Word division in IE and other notes on the nobr markup and on suggesting possible "word" breaks
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