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Full Version: Creating Artist Portfolio
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Hi guys,

I'm definitely a noob. Used to do a lot of HTML back in like... 2000/2001 ish, but pursued other interests. Recently been using Codecademy to get up to speed with basic modern HTML and CSS and I'm trying to design my artist portfolio website for applying for jobs.

I went to uni for animation and am recently graduated but we didn't focus on web design or anything at all. I guess they're not usually related, but I digress.

My question is... Could I get some help fixing some positioning and coding I've done? I've asked a few friends who've had a look and said everything looks fine but to me everything feels weirdly off balance and not centred, etc.

I'm also implementing a couple slideshows using a bit of Javascript that I found on W3 Schools tutorials, but when I try to do multiple ones, they don't navigate and I need about 4 or 5 of them on the same page. I'm trying to keep it as streamlined as possible and not have 5 different pages to visit for different types of artwork (want lazy employers to see everything right away and not get turned away by too many clicks).

Anyways, website is here:

If anyone has the time and patience to deal with a semi-savvy noob, please reply! I will be eternally grateful. If this is in the wrong section, I apologise and please do move it to the correct one!
Yup. I'll help you to get rid of the absolute positioning. That's what causes your problems. wink.gif

The slide shows have an explicit width, so you can center them with auto left and right margins (once you've gotten rid of the absolute positioning). To space them as you want vertically, again use margin. The header looks like it's position: fixed and that's fine, but I don't find it in your style sheet. But I only used my browser's "inspector", I didn't read it all. You need a top margin on the first slideshow so it goes free from the heading.
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