I would just like to please ask for some help regarding Twitter integration on Tumblr. My Tumblr URL is: www.channelwavey.com (music blog).

Currently on my Tumblr blog I have a Twitter feed integrated whereby the blog displays my tweets (www.twitter.com/natemills). However it filters and only displays my tweets that contain specific music-related hashtags from a pre-determined list of keywords (e.g. “#music”, “#album”, “#gigs” etc.). This is achieved by using this code in my theme's HTML. ("hashtag1", "hashtag2", "hashtag3" etc. are replaced with my list of music-related keywords).

For example, if one of my tweets contains "#album" that specific tweet will be displayed on my blog's Twitter feed but if one of my tweets contains "album" without the hashtag the tweet will not be displayed. However, I would like to set it up so my keywords don't have to use a hashtag in order to be displayed on my blog's Twitter feed.

I have limited coding knowledge, if any at all, but I have been researching the problem and saw it is something to do with parsing Twitter entities? --- so I guess I'm currently "parsing" Twitter hashtags from my tweets, but I need to parse the text that doesn't include hashtags.. I tried swapping "entities_hashtags" with "entities_tweets" but of course that did not work laugh.gif

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm sure it's something simple that I can't see.