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Full Version: Nonprofit Needs CSS Help?
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Hi. I'm trying to get our nonprofit's new site design up this week but have hit a little snag with (I think) some CSS.

We have a quiz that's responsive. Everything about it re-sizes nicely except the 'NEXT' and 'PREVIOUS' buttons. They don't move and end up overlapping the answers. (Screen shot is attached)

Like I said, I think it's a CSS issue but I'm not sure. Any help would be so appreciated.

Here's the link: Dog Brains Trivia

Thank you!
Sumeet Shroff is the css.... the quiz question have a height defined or max-height....the height should be "auto" and only then the elements below the questions go below. Check the height values of the input before the next in the Element Inspector and you will fix the error.

Also remove the left and right padding in the input so less line are used and the question is not so long.

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