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Full Version: Basic Authentication
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Hi All,
I want to use Basic Authentication to access a service ( weblogic I believe ) via cold fusion page( old version no support ), basically I want to enter the username and password automatically,without the log in screen... is this possible?. with a form and a post I can get the pop up log on screen which the browser presents, however I want to the page to supply these details, at wits end with this.
Cold fusion has some tags to allow for commications, however I would like to do it in html.
Christian J
You mean you want the user to submit a password from a form on a web page, instead of waiting for the browser to display a login popup when the user tries to load a protected page?

But in my understanding of Basic Authentication by definition(?) means that the server sends a 401 Authentication Required header, so if you want to get rid of that header it's no longer Basic Authentication (and I guess you must get rid of the header to stop a browser from displaying its login prompt).

You can of course make your own password check in the server-side script, but this might be less secure if the password file is unencrypted.
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