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Full Version: Complete Novice Needs Help - Please!
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I am a complete "duffer".

I have bought a site with hosting and with their build wizard can do most of the bits I want to however I want to put adverts on (from CJ, Trade Doubler etc) and when I copy and paste their text it is exactly that text
(EG <script language="JavaScript" src="" charset="ISO-8859-1"></script> )

that appears on the site, NOT the advert intended.

How do I remedy that?

I realise that this is baby stuff to "you experts out there" but any help would be gleefully accepteed - for various reasons I am desperate to get on,


Darin McGrew
It sounds like you're using a pseudo-WYSIWYG editor of some kind, and it has fixed up what you copied so it appears just as you entered it.

You need to edit the HTML source, and copy that markup into the HTML source.
I have the same problem
I have done flash intro got my welcome page. but it stops there.
How do you edit HTML source and copy into HTML source.
I really need help on this I have been trying for four days and the web host site offers no help at all
Darin McGrew
Please see the FAQ entry Where can I learn about HTML?
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