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Full Version: Redirect loop
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on a unix server how can I redirect the following from to subdomain.mydomain/Generals

What i have now in my .htaccess file is

RedirectPermanent /Generals

also tried

RedirectMatch permanent ^/Generals$

Either gives me a redirect loop that won't resolve.

Does the dubdomain live in a subdirectory of the main domain? blink.gif
des id does
Darin McGrew
You can't do it with simple redirects. You can do it with mod_rewrite though. Search for the "Canonical Hostnames" example in the Apache URL Rewriting Guide.
Thanks Darin,

I love the line . . . "With mod_rewrite you either shoot yourself in the foot the first time and never use it again or love it for the rest of your life because of its power."

Crap. I suspected that was the answer. I realized I nowadays have the same situation as you do. The CP forces the location of subdomains' root folders inside the main domain's folder. I suck at mod_rewrite or anything else that involves regex. ninja.gif
anyway I really like that term dubdomain . . . good name for a nightclub
Just rub it in... IPB Image
doncha mean wub it in you silly wabbit? IPB Image
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