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Full Version: Can't get it to work
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The most frustrating thing is it's all stuff I have done before.

I put a border on one to see if I could find anything wrong.

What was checked that was typed right:

-- all are right.

The cellspacing, cellpadding are 0, and the margin of the DIV is 0. Yet the top image doesn't span equally over the top of the image, and the two TD are on the side (15px) with a background, aren't showing the background at all, and the bottom image (not showing) isn't there either.

As far as I can tell I've done everything all right. What the hell am I doing wrong?
Okay, the dumbass thing I did, "sytle" is what caused my problems. I was going to spell check after the page was done.

It's all working, except the bottom image, which still isn't showing.
You mean the water2.gif at the bottom, underneath the copyright notice? I do see it.

But I get a javascript error on the .js file upon loading your page:

TypeError - Null value Line 36

And the .bmp file is missing ( BMP is not suited for the web. Use .gif, .jpg (see this article) or, if suitable, .png.
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