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Full Version: Problem with base tag using relative url
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I read here that you can use a relative address for the base address for resolving URLs on a page. That's exactly what I want, but I can't get my relative base URL to be recognised.

I can get an absolute base url to work, but that's really not what I want, because it would mean I had to change all the base tags when I wanted to edit my website off line on my computer.

Here's a link to the pages where I'm having the problem: my proto website. There's a little more explanation there.

Hope you can help.
Christian J
According to the HREF attribute requires an absolute URI.

Why not use the "../" in the actual links instead when necessary?
Ah thanks for pointing me at that reference.

QUOTE(Christian J @ Feb 24 2007, 12:53 AM) *

Why not use the "../" in the actual links instead when necessary?

If I could have used a relative address for the base, then I could have reused the same basic page with the same site navigation links and just added an extra ../ to the base address whenever I wanted to make a page in a subdirectory. Without relative base address I'll have to add the ../ to every link on the page. I was hoping to avoid typing time + typos.

Thanks again for the advice.
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