(-.-) _(I have an idea for interactive media, but I'd like to know if there is a way to get the <video> to play a select number of videos sequentially, and in a randomizing order. I'm sure what I'm thinking of doing could just as easily be done in flash, but I'd like to use as little of Flash as I can (preferably none if I can help it.) Just like in a Photo Gallery, that would cycle through photos and can be set to play and display in different ways, I was hoping that there'd be a way to do the same with a folder containing MPEG4 videos.)

(o.-) _(What I want to do is run short animations varying from a few seconds to a minute, having them run seamlessly one after another, and hopefully in a random order, giving the audience a feeling that they were watching a more elaborate story, without it appearing as if they're watching the same playlist in a never-ending loop. In other words, give people a bit of a surprise every time they visit my Home Page.)

--- If there is a way to do it that'd be great (and a lot of fun).

Then again, if someone knows of an alternative that might be able to accomplish the same thing I'd likewise be open to any ideas that might be presented.