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Full Version: Image Slideshow Help Needed
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Hi all, I'm working on a site and I would like to know if:
There is a code to make the first image (on left in pics 1 and 2), show as full image (as in pic 2)?

I'd like the other images to expand as normal still. See on site:

Thanks for any help. I'll be on for a few more hours. P.S. It's a work in progress so I already know it has unfinished this and that.

Pic 1 and 2 Attached.
On a side note, I'd just like to thank this forum and it's members! You have all been really helpful when I need you the most. It's highly appreciated.

On a side, side note: In pics above, the content is in center of page. How do I make the empty space on left and right of all content, into a lighter (gray) color? So the side borders are a different color or image than the centered content. If this makes sense lol.
I don't understand. All the images expand to the same size. What do you want different?

Personal curiosity question: are you in some way connected to NuVinci hub gears?
The images only expand upon hover. I guess he want the first image to be larger from the start. You might ask the developer if there is a way.

As for you second question, give the BODY a background color and/or image. And give #main the color you want, instead of the background: transparent; you have now. Maybe the one you have for body now: #181818.
See .
Hey Pandy, what Frederiek said. Thank you both for replying and sorry it took me so long. I am the developer lol. The design requests by client were changed.

What he wants is the 1st image (on the left) to be expanded by default and then be able to scroll over the other images as normal (like it does now on site).
You are the web designer. I don't suppose you're the developer of the slideshow, or you wouldn't ask your question. I meant you ask the slideshow developer, as I can't make any sense of those scripts to do what you want.
Oh Panda, no I'm not with NuVinci.

1. He wants the 1st image (on left side, of street) to appear already FULLY expanded by default.

2. He wants to make 1st image then de-expand, when moving the mouse over the rest of images.

The main point is: He wants that 1st image all the way open to it's 600x300 size by default. Not the 155px it is now.

I don't know if I can be any clearer so hopefully you understand now.
Can it be done? Will the client be happy? Did we come from monkeys? Stay tuned...
Yeah, now even I get it. I'm sure it can be done, but I don't know how much work it is to rewrite the script. As Frederiek said, contact the author if possible. Maybe (s)he is willing to customize it for a fee.
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