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Full Version: Add a video and pop it up
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Hi all,
I am new to this forum and in HTML in general.

I have my website and I need to add videos in my portfolio page.
What I want to do is this:
Have several small thumbnails (images) which when the viewer clicks on each one
to have the appropriate video play BUT in a pop-up window, with the controls (play-Pause, time etc)
and maybe a small X button on a top corner to close that.
That video MUST play on top of the portfolio page and not open another Tab or window.

All the videos and thumbnails will be loaded from the server the website is on and not embedded from another
like Youtube, Vimeo etc.

Could someone help on how to achieve that?

Then search for a lightbox or an alternative of that, such as LightBox, Thickbox, Fancybox, Colorbox, etc. Most have support for videos from at least YouTube and probably Vimeo.
Thank you Frederiek,
I will take a look but I do NOT want to embedd from Youtube Vimeo or another. ONLY from my own web server.
Will those do the job?

Do they also have support on what code to use?

No, they're not embedded as such, though you'll have to provide the links to the videos somehow anyway.

They are usually build upon jQuery (plug-ins) and display a container (div) on top of the page. Just try out the demos everyone of them has. And read the documentation on how to use them, particularly concerning video integration.
Thanks! Will do!
Also check JWPlayer
I had thought of that, but I wasn't so sure if JWPlayer can open its files in a lightbox (overlayer) way.
Well not directly, but you do need something inside the lightbox to play the video. As you said most of them support vimeo and youtube, but if you want support for self-hosted files you're going to need some method of displaying them after the lightbox pops them up.

Seems other people want this, I'd check support at JWPlayer, ethan is very helpful.
Ok, thanks. I asked you, since you are familiar with JWPlayer, so it would help the OP.

If people are already asking for it, they might as well publish the solution on the web site.
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