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Full Version: I need help my images arent showing up!
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I have created my html website and everything. I add a folder inside of my website folder called IMG, so it works when I run the website off my C drive. But when I add it online to the online free host ( and I upload all the files. The images dont show up there.

Here are some screenshots:
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
Most servers run on some kind of Unix/Linux system and those are case sensitive. You link to banner.jpg but the file is called Banner.jpg. Those are two different files on such a system and can exist beside each other in the same folder.

It may be better to use all lower case for file names (including folder names). I do that myself. Otherwise invent some kind of system and be very consistent in using it.

Yes, unlike Windows, the files on most web hosting are case sensitive. The filename in the IMG folder and the filename in the HTML file should be exactly the same in order for it to show up properly.

Also, the second most popular reason for the image files not showing up is the permission error (you might refer to the PERM column). A "r" must be present for the first, fourth and seventh character. As from your screen captures, the permission of all of them are set correctly.
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