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Full Version: pdf problems
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I've been trying to get a link-back from a pdf to work with all the major browsers.

1) Basically, you click on a model # on a webpage for that item.
(e.g., SK-910RBQ {top left}

2) That takes you to a specific related page in the pdf of the published mini-catalog. So far, so good.

3) Within the catalog pdf are pictures and titles that link back to the website page for that particular product.
(E.g., click on either of the two 1-Channel Receivers images - top left, and you should go to the linked site page.)

4) This works with Explorer 10, Opera and Safari 5.1.7 on Windows 7 just fine.

4.1) Chrome yields a message box: "This webpage is not available."

4.2) FF msg bar displays: "resource://.js/web/"

In fact, it works fine on every browser up to the attempt to link back from the pdf.

However, it doesn't work on the two most popular browsers, which is a problem...

How does the URL you use for that link in the PDF look like? Do you try to use a relative URL or do you use the full URL, http://...?
../RF1ChR.htm - pdf generated in InDesign CS6
Try with the full URL instead.
"Try with the full URL instead."

Which one? is the full URL for the online site, I believe - It's what Explorer 10 is showing in an alert box when I hover over the link in the online pdf. I'm wondering why IE10 is displaying it fine, but not Chrome or FF? The original InDesign url is ../RF1ChR.htm, so the rest was generated by the various browsers.

If I convert to this full URL, then the problem becomes that I'm doing the development off-line with the links going to the folders on my machine, not the final versions online. I don't want the links to point on-line while I'm working on the page. I.e., I couldn't change anything anyway if I were accessing the pdf on line as the sysop here does all the uploading to the actual website, and I wouldn't want to until I'm clear that all the new edits are finished and ready to go.

I.e., there is the site - as the root. Most of the htm goes into that folder. Under that folder are subdirectories for pdfs, images, and pop-ups (small files that pop up in main pages in the root).

Clicking on a model # link takes you to the pdf/page in the pdf subdirectory, and then if you click an image in the pdf, it is supposed to take you somewhere else, at this point back up to the corresponding htm product page in the root directory.

On my machine locally, the absolute url for the link in the pdf to the product page htm however is showing in IE10 as:

If I were to go into the ID file and change the url to match the online IE10 rendition of the absolute URL, then it wouldn't work locally except to access the file online - if even that... And, if I used the absolute address for the local file, then the browsers working from the online site would presumably be trying to find the E: folder somewhere online.

One would think that the relative addressing - ../RF1ChR.htm - should be sufficient for all the browsers to follow - I mean "move up one level and find this page." How much simpler can it get? IE10 has no problem. I'm baffled as to what to try next. Chrome, BTW, has the same problem locally as on line. It returns a box "This webpage is not available," and the address bar at the top shows ../RF1ChR.htm, but the tab shows "http://../RF1ChR.htm is not" (presumeably 'not working') even though I working locally. Where is it getting that "http://" instead of the "file///E:/FolderName/xxx.htm" that IE10 generates?
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