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Full Version: Frame by frame animation with images
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I'm pretty new to web design. I'd like to make a frame by frame animation with images (one image after another). If possible all HTML and CSS, since Apple doesn't support Flash.

What would be the best way?

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You probably mean an Apple iPhone or iPad, as the desktop OS does support it.

Search for e.g. "css only image slider" or similar.
You can work around with images on iPhone and iPad in 3 ways:
1. Using UIImageViews
2. Using Quartz and Core Graphics
3. Using OpenGL
Try to explore these options and see if you can achieve what you want.
Refer here
Your explanation was not so clear but if you will write codes as in CSS and HTML then you have to do a thorough search. If you have knowledge in these scripts then it will be easier for you. Mine was just to try and assist because am not an expert though I write some codes sometimes in action script to achieve my animation goals in Flash.
Have a look at this post for more ideas
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