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Full Version: Resizing video stream without reloading?
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I have been trying to search for this online. but all of the stuff I find is a bit vague, for me at least. since I am very new to HTML-coding. I have just copied embedding codes and stuff and worked from there to get the page how I want it. except for this.

what I would like to do is very much like this site here.
like the "One Up" and "Side by Side". but on my own page. (if you get 'Internal Server Error' just refresh the page. it happens sometimes)

I have two streams on my page and one of them is live almost all of the time and the other one not so much. but I would to have the ability to change between 1 and 2 streams without reloading the video feed.
this is my page if you wanna take a look of what I mean.

this is for single stream:

this is for duo streams:

it would also be nice to add so that the chat can switch place when you change from 1 stream to 2 streams without reloading too.
QUOTE(Menteroth @ Dec 2 2012, 09:25 PM) *

what I would like to do is very much like this site here.
like the "One Up" and "Side by Side". but on my own page.

Something wrong with that link.
Works fine for me. Just checked.
That is not my site though. Just to have as an example.
If you get "internal server error" just refresh.
Now the esports page works, at least now and then.

I don't know, but could it be that they just hide the other stream and make the first one larger? That is, playing CSS tricks. unsure.gif
uhm. that's exactly what I want to do. resize the stream without having to reload it. that site is an example. but it would be nice to be able to do that too.
so this isn't much help since I know what's going on but I can't code it myself.

It isn't easy to figure out what they are doing. There's oodles of Ajax going on there.

My approach was very simplistic. If you add the onclick bit below to the A tag for the Single View link you can see how I'm thinking. The second flash disappears. Then the top one would need to be resized, but I'm not sure about how to do that.

<a href="..."onclick="document.getElementById('live_embed_player_flash').style.display='none'">
Mind you, I think the second one also keeps playing. So if it has sound this may get messy.
hmm okay. I have no experience in coding really.

yeah I know that. that's no problem. just mute and watch one stream. smile.gif

but I'm quite surprised that no one in this whole forum knows how to resize an embedded flash video window with a click.

it's like the same thing YouToube has. with the two different sized windows and not counting fullscreen, which is also a size. without reloading the feed. which is what I want.
ok. that seems to be somewhat of what I want.
but making the stream as big as on large.html and same with chat.
chat is also flash so that can be resized/moved too. but I don't know how to not load the large.html when I click "SINGLE VIEW" now. your code is a start at least. but no idea how to go from there.
Problem is the page with the flash you want to manipulate isn't on your server. That means JavaScript can't manipulate it. For security reasons JS doesn't work cross-domain. Just resizing the iframe doesn't have any effect on the video until you reload the page in the frame...
well. look here

click Maximize/Minimize. it's the exact same stream I am trying to resize. just like that. and works fine on that site. so I don't see the problem. smile.gif
QUOTE(Menteroth @ Dec 6 2012, 05:39 PM) *

well. look here

What browser do I need for that to work? Absolutely nothing happened when I clicked the blue buttons in the ones I tried with.

and works fine on that site. so I don't see the problem. smile.gif

So you've solved it? Congrats! happy.gif

it should work with any browser. it might just load slow and that's why you can't click. can you see all the images in the background?

no I haven't fixed it. that's not my site. I am just a part of it. I am just trying to make simple with stream + chat on my page. smile.gif
I referred to that you don't see the problem...

No, I waited at least a minute. Nothing clickable.
yeah. because you were talking about that the stream isn't on my site or whatever. but does it so why can't I? was my point. smile.gif

weird. works for all of us in the community.
if we click Maximize it makes the stream larger without reloading the video feed. which is what I want to do.
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