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Full Version: How do I get HTML volume control code with this music player?
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I'm new here so I hope I posted this in the right place... If not sorry about that!
I can normally guess my way around HTML code but I am a bit stumped with this one. I added a music player to my website and I shrunk it down so that it is a compact little box in the corner of the site. The problem though is that when you first come to the site and you have your volume turned up to the max the music player comes blasting on because by default it is set at 100. It is too loud in my opinion.

I want autoplay on (which it is) but I would like to turn the volume down to at least 20 or so, that way if your computer volume is at the max it isn't too loud. I tried to just add a "volume=20" code in there but I had no luck. Can someone take a look at this and figure out how to get this line of code in here?


<img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src=" bT*xJmx*PTEzNDE4NjA1NzgyNTAmcHQ9MTM*MTg2MDU5OTQ2OCZwPTIxMzc5MSZkPSZnPTEmbz1kMDQ1
NDVjNzllMmQ*OWI3OTdl/MmQyNGI1YTQxNjZmYw==.gif" /><embed quality="high" style="width:140px;visibility:visible; height:60px;" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="60" width="140"  pluginspage="" border="0" src=""
FlashVars="color_bg=0x00000&color_border=0x00000&color_box=0x00000&color_songbg=0x00000&color_song_clicked=0x898989&color_Title=0xffffff&color_btns=0xffffff&color_title=0xffffff" /><br />

Last thing. This is a playlist I am using. The Advanced player you can choose has volume control code, but it has less customization options so I don't want to use that one. The Classic player gives more options such as shrinking the player and moving it off to the side ETC, but I can't change the volume. >.>

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi mate, I know this is probably not the answer you're after, but it's my opinion;

Don't have auto play turned on.

Nothing annoys me more than navigation to a site, and having a video, ad or song start playing by itself, especially if i've just opened a bunch of tabs and have to sort through them to work out which one of them is making the noise.

Most of the time, when a site does that to me I just leave it, regardless of content.

But to answer your question: This Website says the volume setting is changed with volume_level="50". Give that a try!
Hmmm, thanks for the link. Sadly this code doesn't seem to work with the classic Hypster code. The volume is still at 100%. Oh well... I'll leave autoplay off for now and will continue to fiddle around with the code to see if I can get this thing to work.

Thanks again for the link.
No worries mate, good luck!
Have you tried adding the attribute volume="40" or similar value to your embed tag? Don't know about flash but it works with some other well known embed plugins.
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