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Full Version: Background problem!
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Satans Thong
Not sure if this is the right forum but I am having serious problems with a background image on a Blogger profile.
I designed it using Artisteer 3 as my html/css knowledge is non-existent.

On my gf's resolution it looks fine as you can see here ...
Image 1

yet on mine it has big blank spaces at the edges. As seen here ...
Image 2

Can anyone offer any advice on why there are gaps on my resolution and if it is possible to fix it?
I tried googling for help but nothing has worked so far!

I would post the coding but there is ALOT!
I figured I would wait for someone with know-how to tell me which bits to post should they be needed rather than spam the board with it all!

I appreciate any help anyone can give!

(also, does anyone know how to put some space between the profile picture and the text in the right hand column? Sorry to be cheeky with so many issues!!)
I guess you have stopped the background from repeating (and I can see why). If only one instance of the image is displayed it won't be wider than its true width. Backgrounds don't stretch.

If you post the URL to the actual page, maybe we can come up with some ideas.
Satans Thong
Cheers, any help is appreciated as I really am a n00b with this sort of stuff. biggrin.gif

URL is here!

Apologies for any and all coding errors/horrible mistakes made in any of this!
Don't burn me at the stake! wink.gif
Satans Thong
Sorry to be a pain but I figured out that it was where the bg image was being hosted. It was constraining the size even when I made the image larger. Now it's uploaded to imageshack it's working.
I'm so sorry to have wasted your time. :s
Thank you for such a prompt and welcoming reply all the same.
Nice to know there are people willing to take a look to help a stranger out. It's good of you.

Are you sure? I see white borders all around. Maybe I have a larger screen than you. tongue.gif
Satans Thong
Really? It seems fine on mine now.
Now I'm worried! :S

Well if you can see them I'll take your word that it's still an issue!
I'll stand by for any advice!

I knew it was too easy! LOL
I'm on a large screen too, but I never set my browser window to full screen.
The background image is 1800 px wide. So, only if I widen my browser window enough, I see the white borders.
You might try and find a color that blends well (or nice enough) with the image and use that as background-color for BODY, instead of the white you have now.
Christian J
QUOTE(pandy @ Jun 4 2012, 10:43 PM) *

Backgrounds don't stretch.

Seems browsers have begun supporting that lately:
Yeah, but it will be a minor part of them for many years to come.
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