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Full Version: Quicktime failures with Firefox
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One of my web pages uses the following code: <p><EMBED ALIGN="CENTER" type="audio/mpeg" SRC="$sound" HEIGHT="100" WIDTH="300" AUTOSTART="TRUE" VOLUME="50%" MASTERSOUND ></EMBED></p>

This worked perfectly until recently. Now it fails about 40% of the time, but only for Firefox. The success rate is 100% in Internet Explorer.

I've inquired on the Mozilla user forums and made a bug report about two weeks ago, but so far no response.

You can see the page at

I'd much appreciate any help you can offer!

My IE plays it in Media Player, not Quciktime.

Most browsers can't play mp3 natively and for it to work a plugin must be associated with the file type. FF doesn't come with many plugins preinstalled.

This isn't my bag, really, but from what I've read the best option is to embed a flash player. There are many free ones around. But Adobe recently dropped flash for mobile devices, so a fallback may be needed.
the best option is to embed a flash player

What would the code look like?
You must download the flash player. The instructions will tell you how to embed it.
Besides the fact that the source file gives a 404 error, without an extension for the source file we don't even know what file type it is.
Interestingly, I seem to have solved the problem by converting my sound files to .mp3 from .wav format.
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